30 August 2023 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend) update
Web app3.1.9.2Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.1.9.2Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.1.9.2Automatic update
Middleware3.1.9.2No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.1.9.2No changes required
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Mobile AppWe have improved the Mobile app loading screen so that now the Foodiverse logo displays when a user first opens the app.C3-5299
Mobile AppWe have added a new mobile message pop up to the mobile app that shows from the bottom of the screen instead of taking over the entire screen. This allows users to acknowledge important app information relating to Offers and Donations while still being able to interact with the screen.C3-5304
Mobile AppMobile app users can now find the Foodiverse T&Cs in My Profile > Settings & PrivacyC3-5171
Web AppWe have made improvements to the user permissions for assigned user roles.C3-5296
Web AppWe improved the tabbed navigation naming in the Foodbank Manage Membership Section of the Web AppC3-5022
Food Net MembershipWe have fixed an automated mail recipient error where a FoodBank invites an Org to join their FoodNet. Previously these accepted or declined invite emails were going to the member organisation. We have fixed this so that these emails go to the FoodBank Organisation.C3-5178
Food Net MembershipWe’ve made an improvement to the ‘Join a Food Net’ user experience. A loading message will now appear to users to alert them the system is working to retrieve the relevant branches that are eligible to apply as a member of the food net in question.C3-4649
Registration ProcessWe have improved the welcome email that newly onboarded users receive if they have registered on Foodiverse via a custom link given to them by a Foodbank. Now the welcome the email no longer instructs the user to join a foodnet and this is because the user in this case will be automatically added to the Foodbank’s foodnet to be approved by the Foodbank admin.C3-5237
Email NotificationsWe have made design improvements to the emails that users receive from Foodiverse.C3-5033
Donation ProcessWhen making a Donation, we have made it possible to select the previous day’s Donation Window when a Donation is create within 12 hours of the previous day’s Donation WindowC3-5099
ReportingWe have made user views in reporting more intuitive and removed confusion for Foodbank Admins.C3-5035
ReportingWe made an improvement to report filters where Foodbank Admins and Users were not able to view their own Charity and Donor org information in the generated report results. Previously they could only see their Foodnet member results. We have fixed this so that now they can see both.C3-5171

14 June 2023 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.1.4Automatic update
Web app3.1.4Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.1.4Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.1.4Automatic update
Middleware3.1.4No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.1.4No changes required
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Mobile AppThere was a bug on the Flutter mobile app where the Active Donations panel was not refreshing automatically after a Donor user created a Donation. The prompt “Can you Donate today?” was still appearing. this has been fixed and now when the donation is created, that prompt disappears.C3-5066
Mobile AppWe have added consistency of information on Live Donation screens. A tooltip will now show to inform the Donor that Foodiverse is waiting for a Charity to accept their Donation. The Offer Time, Charity name & address and their accepted categories have also been merged into one card instead of two.C3-5053
Mobile AppThere was a bug on the Flutter mobile app where users could change to their desired language – but if they wanted to switch back to English they were unable to do so. This has been fixed.C3-5065
Web AppThere was a bug on Foodiverse where some users could see backend commands for language settings on the frontend. This has been fixed.C3-5067
Extra PLD & Breached PLD OffersIn Foodiverse, when you see donation data described as Extra, that means that the Donor gave the charity additional food than what they had estimated in their original donation offer.

When you see donation data described as Breached, that means that the donor gave the charity food that they are not approved in Foodiverse to accept.

There was an issue happening when a Donor sent ‘Extra’ or ‘Breached’ category product level details items. Foodiverse was adding the estimated kilograms to the categories table for these items. We have fixed this bug so now when a donor sends additional or breached, only the actual kilograms appear on the Categories table for these items
Food Net Membership ApprovalWe have made some improvements to the ‘Membership Administration’ section of the platform so that Food Net Admins can approve or reject new membership applications faster than before.C3-4903
Food Net Membership AutomationWe have made it possible to automate the ‘membership activation’ step of the user and organisation onboarding process. The configuration is available in the Food Net Settings.C3-4952
Registration ProcessThe registration page has been made more readable by becoming one form column instead of two. Each section heading has been updated to be more indicative of what information is required from a registering user. Lastly, the form now only requires one mobile contact number whereas before; two were required. These updates should allow for a smoother registration process.C3-5048
Registration FormWe improved the error validation on the Foodiverse registration form. Now when a user enters a phone number that is already used on the platform, the user will be shown the error so that they know they need to input a number that hasn’t already been used.C3-5203
Onboarding ProcessWe have developed a new link that Food Net Admins can share with members wishing to join Foodiverse that will allow them to register and automatically send their Foodnet application for review once they are registered, eliminating the need to log in and ‘join the food net’. There is a Donor link and a Charity link. New members will not have to choose their Organisation type if they use this link. Once the new member becomes actived on Foodiverse, the Foodbank will receive a request to join their Foodnet.C3-4902C3-4917
Onboarding ProcessWe have streamlined the email notifications for the onboarding process of joining Foodiverse as a Donor and as a Charity. New Organisations and new users will receive less emails than previously in an effort to onboard users faster and with ease.C3-5039
Onboarding ProcessWe have updated the email content in the first 9 emails that new Foodiverse Organisations receive during the onboarding process.C3-5034
Platform SecurityWe added an increased security to user account activation where all Foodiverse users now have a 24 hour timeline to be able to activate an account, password or password reset via email. This gives users enough time to activate accounts and reset their password while ensuring that we maintain platform security.C3-5079
SMS NotificationsWe have updated the default SMS settings for when a user adds a new branch to their existing organisation. The setting is now defaulted to ‘Never Send SMS’,C3-4821

30 April 2023 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.


ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.1.2Automatic update
Web app3.1.2Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.1.2Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.1.2Automatic update
Middleware3.1.2No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.1.2No changes required
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Donation RecordThe donation record will now be exportable as a PDF on the web app. Food Banks and Donors can do this by clicking on the ‘Donation Record’ button on the ‘Donations’ page and clicking the export button. Charities can do this by clicking on the ‘Donation Record’ button on the ‘Offers History’ page and clicking the export button.C3-4350; C3-5050
Food Net MembershipWe fixed a bug that was mainly affecting the ‘Membership Approval’ section of the platform whereby the titles of the clickable buttons were not showing correctly.C3-5036
Food Net MembershipWhen an Org Admin wishes to add a new branch to their organisation, they can now join a ‘featured’ food net at the same time. Featured food nets are food nets that FoodCloud has verified to be active food nets. The data in the ‘Status’ column will be fixed in a future release but will not disrupt the new feature’s functionality. C3-4901; C3-4996
Knowledge HubThe Charity Mobile User Guide has been updated to include instructions on how to:- Click through to a map to see where the donor is based once a donation has been accepted- Set your language preferences- Filter by date in ‘Offers History’

The Donor Mobile User Guide has been updated to include:- Updated screenshots on how to add products to a donation offer- Instructions on how to set your language preferences
Mobile AppDonors preparing donations on the mobile app will notice a new button that, when toggled from right to left, will allow them to post a ‘no availability’ notification to charities. This is to increase the intuitiveness of the app and maximise the possibility of food donations.C3-4968
Mobile AppWe have improved the experience for donors using the mobile app who wish to let charities know that they do not have any food available to donate. From now on, when they select ‘No food available on the ‘prepare donation’ screen, they will receive a popup notification asking if they are sure they would like to post this and then thanking them for letting us know. This will replace a confusing notification telling them that their donation was successful.C3-5012
Mobile AppDonors entering product-level detail (PLD) at the point of donation will now receive a validation error if they try to input non-numeric characters into the product price field.C3-4964
Offers HistoryIn Offers History, the date of a completed donation will now show the date that the donation was transferred on.C3-4924; C3-5016
ReportingAll reports in Foodiverse are limited to a 90 day date filter to protect platform performance. There was a bug affecting this limitation which has now been resolved.C3-5078
ReportingWe improved the Impact Reports on Foodiverse to ensure that if a donor only sends estimated data and does not follow-up by sending product level detail data (aka actual data), the ‘Actual KGs’ cell will be blank. It was matching the ‘estimate’ data which was inaccurate.C3-4913

29 March 2023 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.


ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.1.1Automatic update
Web app3.1.1Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.1.1Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.1.1Automatic update
Middleware3.1.1No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.1.1No changes required
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Donation ReceiptFrom now on, if a donor fails to send us product level detail (PLD) after a donation has been marked transferred, Foodiverse will automatically send an email to the recipient(s) 24 hours later to tell them that this information has not been provided by the donor.C3-4788
Donation RecordNumerical data in the ‘Donation Record’ will now be rounded up to a maximum of 3 decimal points.C3-4755
Food CategoriesAdmin users can now configure the order of the default food categories they want to show to their branches. For instance, they can configure their most popular default food category to appear at the top of the list on the ‘Prepare Donation’ screen on mobile and web. This can be done in the ‘Organisation Settings’ section of the web app. For more information, please read this Knowledge Hub article C3-4817; C3-4818; C3-4785
Food CategoriesWe have simplified the donor user’s experience of adding categories to a donation (if they have permissions to do so).  C3-4823
Food Categories and PLDWe have made some small improvements to the ‘Food Details’ section of the mobile app. This section is where donors input what food they would like to donate. We have made these improvements for two main reasons:


  1. To simplify the experience for the donor
  2. To allow new configurations to be carried out on the mobile app that we built on the web app and deployed in January’s release (To learn more, please see the Knowledge Base article here)
  C3-4835; C3-4838
Food Categories and PLDWe have added the ability for donor users to add product details to their donations on the mobile app. For more details, please read the updated ‘Donor User Guide  C3-4839; C3-4841
Food Categories and PLDDonors who include product level detail (PLD) before offering a donation were unable to edit these in their Organisation settings. Instead, they had to delete the old product and add a new product. This has now been resolved.  C3-4870
Food ClassificationsWhen the ‘food classifications’ or ‘storage types’ were being updated in the user interface, the change was not being recorded in the backend / database. This also affected users trying to update food classifications using the APIs. This issue has now been resolved.C3-4639; C3-3680
Knowledge HubWe have updated the ‘User Views’ knowledge hub article. For more information, click here.C3-4734; C3-4911
Language SettingsWe removed the language selection drop down field from the registration page. We did this because it was a repeated preference setting as the page also includes a flag language preference setting button which has been moved to the top of the registration page so that is a more prominent preference setting.C3-4702; C3-4703
Language SettingsMobile app users who now try to log into their app with different mobile language settings to their registered language settings will now see a pop-up message asking them to confirm which language they would like to proceed with using. C3-4872
Mobile AppIn most cases, ‘Offer Time’ is visible to donors and charities when offering and accepting a donation. We found one scenario where this wasn’t happening, namely when a charity clicked through to an offer from the mobile app dashboard. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-4848
Mobile AppWe’ve made an improvement to the mobile app so that it’s more difficult to remove a food category option from the ‘Prepare Donation’ screen.  C3-4803
Mobile AppCharity users will now see a ‘pin’ icon after they have accepted their donation which, if they click it, it will open their default maps app (e.g. Google Maps or Apple Maps) and direct them to the donors location.  C3-4804
Mobile AppWe have added a ‘date filter’ to the Offers History Page on mobile so that charity users can more easily search for specific donations.  C3-4858
Mobile AppSome android mobile app users were experiencing issues with logging in and out of the app. This issue has now been resolved. C3-4888
NotificationsSome charity users continued to receive SMS donation alerts despite their notification preferences being set to ‘Never send me sms’. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-4655
Registration PageIn some cases, foreign phone numbers weren’t being recognised by the Foodiverse registration page. We have now resolved this.C3-4740
Registration PageUsers registering on Foodiverse will now see the ‘Org Type’ option ‘Food Network’ instead of ‘Food Bank’ to reduce confusion.C3-4890
Registration PageFrom now on, all food classification options will be pre-selected for new users registering on Foodiverse to reduce clicks.C3-4891
ReportsAn issue was discovered whereby ‘FoodNet Admin’ users were unable to run the Charity Branch Impact Report for a large Charity organisation. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-4881
ReportsFoodiverse ‘Food Bank’ Report Users can now more easily filter their search results by Organisations. Instead of just searching for an organisation in the search bar, a user will now see a dropdown list of all of the Organisation’s in their food net. Users should only be able to see organisations based on their user type and permissions.  C3-4597
ReportsFoodiverse Report Users can now more easily filter their search results by donor or charity branches. Instead of just searching for a branch name, a user can now ‘type and search’ for the name so that the potential options are more obvious and you can also multiselect options.C3-4598
ReportsTo improve ‘Donor KPI Summary’ and ‘Donor Impact Summary’ Report initial loading time, the time filter will now always default to ‘Month (Daily)’ data & the current month C3-4905
ReportsAs a reports user, I want my selected ‘User View’ to determine which organisation, branch and label data and filters that I can see.C3-4929
Temporary CalendarTemporary Calendar users were experiencing issues with being able to upload a CSV file with temporary schedule changes. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-4669
Temporary CalendarTemporary Calendar users were experiencing schedule issues when setting a temporary schedule for more than one consecutive week. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-4760
TranslationsWe have made various improvements to our Czech and Slovak translationsC3-4725; C3-4928; C3-4928; C3-4806; C3-4836; C3-4877; C3-4882; C3-4931
User Onboarding ImprovementsBranch Admins who wish to ‘Join a new Food Net’ will now see ‘Featured Food Nets’ when they click ‘Join a Food Net’. Featured Food Nets will include Foodiverse key accounts. Branch Users can search for other food nets on the new ‘Other Food Nets’ tab.C3-4900
User ViewThe User View filter should automatically reflect the user’s permissions (e.g Administrator). This was not working and we have now resolved the issue.C3-4829
Web AppOn the Donations page and the Offers History page, some users may have noticed that the ‘Donation Status’ was not transitioning from status ‘Ready’ to status ‘Offering’. This has now been resolved.C3-4814
Web AppWe removed some of the demo food bank options appearing to users in the ‘Join a Food Net section’ to improve the user experience.C3-3250
Web AppAdmins adding a New User may have noticed that the user’s status was showing as ‘Inactive’ instead of ‘Awaiting Activation’. This has now been resolved.C3-4716

25 January 2023 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.1.0Automatic update
Web app3.1.0Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.1.0Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.1.0Automatic update
Middleware3.1.0No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.1.0No changes required


CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Add Category & Product Details to DonationsWe have added a new configuration to the web app that allows Org Admins to configure how much category and product detail they are permitted to add to a donation. To learn more, please see the Knowledge Base article here.  C3-4633; C3-4634; C3-4693; C3-4712; C3-4607
Add Category & Product Details to DonationsWe fixed a bug on the web app where users were unable to create a new product and its details while creating the donation.  C3-4609
Donation ReceiptWe fixed a bug where, in cases where a donor is using a custom unit of measure, the donation receipt which is emailed to the user was not distinguishing between that unit of measure and what that represents in kilograms.C3-4754
Donation RecordWe made some formatting improvements to the Donation Record on the Mobile App so that it is easier to read. C3-4556
DonationsAs a foodbank being offered food via the Foodiverse web and mobile, they will now see two options if they wish to mark a donation as ‘Not Transferred’ by clicking the ‘Feedback’ button:


Option 1: Refused at Donor

Option 2: No Food Available at Branch

DonationsOn the web app, we improved the instruction for how the ‘accept-by time’ works when creating a donation.  C3-4050
DonationsFood Bank users were experiencing issues filtering by Donor Branch on the new Donations page. This has now been resolved.  C3-4676
eSignWe fixed a bug that was allowing esign users to complete a donation without adding an e-signature.C3-4590; C3-4772
eSignWe made a formatting improvement to the ‘Donation Record’ where only one e-signature is relevant.C3-4455
eSignWe fixed a bug where donations requiring an e-signature were remaining on the Dashboard on the mobile app even after the eSign process had been completed. C3-4653; C3-4758
Knowledge BaseThe New Donor – Mobile User Guide has been updated to reflect some recent Mobile app changes. C3-4529
Knowledge BaseThe Notification Window article has been updated. C3-4608
Knowledge BaseA Knowledge Base article has been created to explain the different types of Donation Email ReceiptsC3-4584
Knowledge BaseA Knowledge Base article has been created for the Product Logs Report C3-4729
Language SettingsWe made some improvements to how language settings are set and saved in Foodiverse so that they are less likely to continuously revert to English.C3-4541; C3-4542; C3-4705
Manage DonationsWe have fixed an issue that FoodNet Admins were experiencing where search inputs were not matching the filtered results on the ‘Manage Donations’ page.  C3-4559; C3-4632
Mobile AppDonors using the mobile app will now see a precalculated ‘accept-by time’ when they are preparing a donation (‘accept-by time’ will default to 30 minutes before the collection window ends but can be configured in Organisation settings).  C3-3965
Mobile AppDonors using the mobile app will now see an error message if they try to select a collection window where the accept-by time has already passed.  C3-3966
Mobile AppCharities using the mobile app will now see an ‘accept-by time’ when they are accepting a donation so that they know how much longer they have until they have before the offer expires.  C3-3967; C3-4654
Mobile NotificationsWe fixed a push notification bug where donor users who were alerted that a donation had been accepted, were incorrectly being directed to a page telling them that the offer was no longer available.  C3-4554
Mobile NotificationsWe fixed a push notification app that was reverting a user’s language preferences back to English.C3-4555
Mobile NotificationsWe fixed a bug where charity mobile app users were seeing the old version of the ‘Feedback’ page when they clicked on the push notification for an offer that they had already accepted.  C3-4684
MulticollectorWe fixed a multicollector bug that was inhibiting waitlist charities using the web & mobile apps from immediately accepting the remaining available, permissible categories that a primary charity does not have permissions to accept. C3-4536; C3-4776
MulticollectorWe fixed a bug that was inhibiting unscheduled charities from accepting categories of food on the Food Board where multicollector was enabled. C3-4264
Offers HistoryWe made some formatting improvements to the Offers History Page on the Mobile App so that it’s easier to read. C3-4578; C3-4667
Offers HistoryWe fixed a bug where FoodNet admins were able to see donations offered to a member charity that were offered by a donor in another network on the Offers History page.  C3-4640; C3-4733
Offers HistoryWe greyed out the ‘Member Manager’ User Filter for Food Net Admins looking at the Offers History page as this user type is not relevant for charities.  C3-4643
Offers HistoryWe made an improvement to the Offers History page so that users can now filter the page by Charity Branch name/official ID as well as Donor Branch name/official ID. C3-4577
Offers HistoryWe added a ‘Offer Status’ filter to the Offers History page so that users can more easily filter by whether a donation is pending, completed, etc. C3-4522
Offers HistoryWe added a ‘User View’ filter to the Offers History page to improve loading time. C3-4468
Reporting PerformanceWe made some changes in the backend in an effort to improve reporting performance.C3-4302; C3-4714
ReportsWe fixed a bug that was affecting the Donor KPI Report whereby the ‘Total Rates’ columns and the ‘Planned Rates’ columns were not downloading correctly when filtered as a subset to the whole KPI Report selection. C3-4564
ReportsWe fixed a bug where the filters were not working on the Food Category Report. C3-4717
ReportsWe fixed a bug where Food Net users of the ‘Impact Summary Page’ were unable to see results if they selected ‘All Donors’ or a specific donor with the filter ‘All time’.  C3-4055
ReportsWe’ve added 3 new columns to the Product Logs report on Foodiverse: Collected date, Unit of Measure & Currency. C3-4412
ReportsWe made improvements to the Donor Impact and the Donor KPI Reports so that the column names in the report exports will:


1) Match what is in the UI and

2) Translate in accordance with the user’s language preferences.

 C3-4478; C3-4600; C3-4601; C3-4588; C3-4641; C3-4642
ReportsWe fixed a bug where Donor Admins using the Product Logs page were not being directed to the correct donation on the ‘My Donations’ page when they clicked the ‘View’ button. C3-4530
ReportsWe fixed a bug where users of the Impact Summary report were unable to see ‘Month (Daily)’ data. C3-4558
ReportsWe added a label filter with typeahead search capability to all reports (except the Product Logs) so that it’s easier to limit a search which will lead to performance improvementsC3-4599
ReportsWhere applicable, donors who do not provide all of the possible information about a product offered as part of a donation will see a blank input in the Product Logs Report as opposed to seeing the status ‘null’. C3-4675
SMSWe made a change that means that when a new user is created, their permissions will default to ‘Never Send SMS’. This can be changed in the user settings if required.C3-4625
Temporary CalendarAs a FoodNet Admins using the ‘Temporary Calendar’ feature can now create and amend Donation Windows without any regard to future ‘Temporary Calendar’ entries for the same day. C3-4526
Terms and ConditionsWe have made an update to the terms and conditions of the Foodiverse app. Please see the new version here.C3-4721; C3-4722; C3-4724;
TranslationsWe have continued our efforts to translate Foodiverse into Czech and Slovak.C3-4454; C3-4513; C3-4531; C3-4706
Web PerformanceWe improved the performance of the ‘Manage Donations’ page for Food Nets and the ‘Donations’ page for Donors by


1) Adding a User view filter which users are recommended to use to improve the speed of search results and

2) Introducing a ‘Search & Submit’ functionality whereby the user must enter their required filters before any results will appear

Web PerformanceWe made an improvement to the loading time of the ‘Join a Food Net’ page in a number of ways, including removing the ‘My Branches’ section which was slowing down page performance. C3-3686; C3-4647; C3-4648

12 October 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.


ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.0.19Automatic update
Web app3.0.19Automatic update
Mobile iOS app3.0.19Automatic update
Mobile Android app3.0.19Automatic update
Middleware3.0.19No changes required
APIs and Integrations3.0.19No changes required
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
API DocumentationWe have updated API documentation with more information on donation responses. C3-4333
Donation RecordA donation record (similar to the email receipt) will be available to view in the Foodiverse web app and mobile app.


It will be accessible in My Donations for Donors, Offers History for Charities and Manage Donations for Food Banks. A donation record will only show when a donation is either marked transferred or not transferred. If a donation is rejected or accepted only, a donation record will not be generated.

Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information

C3-4231; C3-4432; C3-4308; C3-4362; C3-4775
Email ReceiptsEmail receipts from donors who provide categorised product detail will now appear in a similar format to the new donation record. C3-4349
eSignatureWhen turned on at donor level, mobile app users will be required to add an esignature when marking a donation transferred or not transferred.


Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information.

 C3-4343; C3-4290; C3-4291; C3-4369; C3-4287; C3-4289; C3-4292
Mobile AppWe removed the grey space appearing on the mobile app ‘Live Donations’ page. C3-4429
Mobile AppThe ‘Transfer Time’ disappeared from the ‘Active Donation’ screen for charities in the last release. This has now been resolved.  C3-4410
Mobile AppThe Status Page wasn’t clickable in the mobile app when we upgraded android users in the last release. This has now been resolved. C3-4354
Mobile AppWe have improved the look and feel of the Offers History page to make it more intuitive and responsive. This will also allow for the new Donation Record feature to be visible where appropriate.


Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information

  C3-4011; C3-4015; C3-4017; C3-4452; C3-4374  
Mobile AppWe improved some of the flickering that users were experiencing on the mobile app. C3-4300
Mobile AppWe improved the wording on the dashboard once a charity has accepted a donation.  C3-4327
Mobile AppWhen a donor is using the mobile app to donate food, we have made the preselected ‘Transfer Time’ more prevalent on the mobile app page.


Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information

Mobile AppA small percentage of charity users were seeing a ‘null error’ on the Offers History page. This has now been resolved.  C3-4345
NotificationsWe have rearranged the order in which the notifications appear on the ‘Active Donations’ screen to ensure the most important notifications appear at the top of the screen.


The new order for charities will be:

  1. Primary Charity Offers
  2. No availability / Unsuitable Offers
  3. Provide Feedback

The new order for donors will be:

  1. Mark transferred
  2. Please post reminders
  3. Thank you for posting messages
NotificationsWhen language settings are changed, the notifications will now translate accordingly. C3-4451
NotificationsSome charities were experiencing a two minute delay between when an action appeared on the ‘Active Donations’ screens and when a push notification would appear. This should now be reduced to approximately 15 seconds.  C3-4453
Product DetailsWeb app users will now see unit price details (when they are inputted) recorded in the ‘View Products’ pop-up modal on the ‘My Donations’ page.  C3-4342
ReportsFood Bank and Donor users looking at the Donor Branches KPI report were unable to click ‘Next’ to view the next page. This has now been resolved. C3-4216
ReportsSome users of the Food Category report spotted differences between the KG estimate in the summary and impact details  tabs. This has now been resolved. C3-4389
ReportsAll of the indexed colours for the pie charts in the Food Category Report have been corrected.


Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information

System PerformanceA performance improvement was implemented for customers using the uncategorised product level detail API C3-4303
System PerformanceThe way ‘No Posting’ records were being generated were slowing down the system’s performance. This has been improved. C3-4307
Temporary CalendarWhen uploading temporary schedules, the system was not taking into account whether the existing permanent schedule for a store was marked active or inactive and was making all of the temporary schedules active. This has now been resolved.  C3-4430
Temporary CalendarThe system was blocking users from creating new permanent schedules on a day where old temporary schedules had existed. This has now been resolved.  C3-4132
TranslationsVarious improvements to the Slovakian and Czech translations have been made across the web and mobile apps.C3-4408;









User ViewA knowledge base article has been written to better explain how the ‘User View’ feature works across the web app.


Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information


10 August 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.


ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.0.18 
Web app3.0.18 
Mobile iOS app3.0.18 
Mobile Android app3.0.18 
APIs and Integrations3.0.18We have consolidated product information in the Foodiverse PLD and cPLD tables. Customers using these APIs should check their integrations are working as normal and reach out to their account managers for more information if necessary.
CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
e-SignatureIt is now possible for donors to configure their settings to require an e-Signature after a donation has been accepted. The ability to add e-Signatures on the mobile app will be available in next month’s release. C3-4057;



Email ReceiptsFrom Thursday, one of our major donors will begin to categorise the products that they donate. This means that donation email receipts to charities from this donor will now include categorised product level detail. n/a
Feedback ButtonCharities will no longer be able to mark a donation as ‘Transferred’ on the Web or Mobile app. Instead, they will be able to provide feedback when a donation has not been successfully transferred by clicking the new ‘Feedback’ button.  C3-4061: C3-4062
Mobile App UpgradeWe have upgraded the Android app which means that Android users who update their app to version 3.0.18 will be asked to sign in again. n/a
Mobile AppWe have made improvements to the mobile app notifications so that, when the app is closed and a push notification from Foodiverse appears, when the user clicks on the notification, it will bring them to the correct corresponding page.C3-3813
Mobile AppWe have made improvements to the mobile app notifications so that, when the app is open and a pop-up message appears, when the user clicks on the message, it will bring them to the correct corresponding page.C3-3814
Mobile AppWe have clarified the errors that users will see if they struggle to sign in to the mobile app so that the Tech Support Team can isolate the issue even faster. Please see this Knowledge Hub article for more information .C3-3855; C3-4022
Mobile AppWhen a charity accepts their offer, FoodBank Admin mobile app users will now see the message ‘Your donation has been successfully accepted by x charity’ on the ‘Your Active Donations’.  C3-3900
Mobile AppWhen a food bank branch accepts a donation, the message in ‘Your Active Donations’ will update to say ‘Please confirm when the donation has been collected’.  C3-3969
Product Level DetailWe made some improvements to how categorised product level detail is being captured in the database. For information on this, please contact our Tech Support Team, stating the reference C3-4097.C3-4097;




ReportsFood Net Admin or Food Net Users of the Charity KPI Report will no longer see the ‘Member Manager or Viewer’ option in the ‘User View’ dropdown as it is not relevant.  C3-3882
ReportsIn order to improve the new Food Category Report’s performance, we have limited the date filter’s range to 90 days. We are actively working to improve this so that we can eventually remove the limitation. C3-4110
ReportsTo learn more about the food category report, check out this Knowledge Hub article. C3-4046
TranslationsWe have made improvements to the Czech and Slovak language translations in the Foodiverse web app.  C3-4044;



Web AppFor multicollector donations, offers were appearing as ‘Pending’ to waitlist charities in ‘Manage Donations’ even when the food available for them was ‘Unsuitable’. This has now been resolved.  C3-3790
Web AppUsers who select a different ‘User View’ from their default view, will now continue to see data as the selected ‘User View’ as they navigate throughout the platform.C3-3799
Web AppFor multicollector donations, when all of the food has been collected by the primary charity, the waitlist charity’s status will update to ‘Accepted By Other’ in the ‘Manage Donations’ and ‘My Donations’ sections in the web app. C3-4014
Web AppWhere a donor has offered a donation with product level detail at the beginning of the donation process, charity users of the web app can now view the products before accepting the donation.  C3-4265
Web AppCharity web app users can now search food donations by county on ‘My Food Bank Network’ by clicking on ‘Advanced Filters’  C3-3988


20 July 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.


ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend) 
Web app3.0.17.2 
Mobile iOS app1.0.45 
Mobile Android app1.6.3 
APIs and Integrations3.0.17.2 


CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
*New* ReportsThe Food Category Report is now available for Foodiverse donors and food banks. This report allows users to view a breakdown of their donations by food category according to estimate and actual weight and price. C3-3159
MiddlewareWe have made some improvements to the Foodiverse Middleware to improve its reliability and performance. C3-4221; C3-4209


29 June 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.0.17 
Web app3.0.17 
Mobile iOS app1.0.45 
Mobile Android app1.6.3 
APIs and Integrations3.0.17 


CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Accept-by TimeDonor branches creating donations in the web app will see an improvement to how the system reflects the relationship between the ‘accept by time’ and the ‘collection window’. C3-3894
Accept-by TimeWe have made some improvements to how the web app informs a donor branch user that they cannot proceed with a donation because their ‘accept by time’ is in the past. C3-3896
Donation ManagementWe have added a tooltip to help explain the difference between ‘actual’ and ‘estimated’ data on the Manage Donations Page, the My Donations Page and the Offers History Page.C3-3640



iOS appWe have updated the knowledge hub article on how to sign into and use the to iOS / iPhone Charity App  C3-4056
ReportingAfter the June 1st deployment, Donor KPI report columns were not downloading in full. This has been resolved. C3-4054
ReportingWe created a prototype report to help users better report on scheduling, specifically donation and collection windows. For users external to FoodCloud, this report is available on request via TST.  C3-3963
ReportingWe have updated the knowledge hub article related to Foodiverse KPI reports and Foodiverse Impact reportsC3-3992
Reporting / APIsPreviously, donors using the multicollector feature and the PLD APIs could only technically offer one food classification to one charity. This has now been resolved so that food can be accurately reported on when multiple collectors receive food from the same food classification as part of the same donation. For example, if a primary charity is offered all of the ambient food and the waitlist charity is offered all of the chilled food, if the primary charity cannot take all of the ambient food, the remaining ambient food can be given to the waitlist charity and accurately reported on.C3-4018
Schedule ManagementWe have created a knowledge hub article that explains how to extend a collection window across 1-7 calendar days  C3-3997
Temporary Schedule ManagementWe made an improvement to the Temporary calendar CSV file upload to reduce the likelihood of an error message appearing.  C3-4007
Temporary Schedule ManagementIn the June 1st release, we made it possible to extend a collection window over 1 to 7 calendar days in the permanent schedule. This is now also possible in the temporary schedule.  C3-3958
User ViewThe ‘user view’ filter will now default based on the user type you are logged in as. For example, if you are logged in as an Org Admin, the results of the web app pages where this filter applies will default to the ‘Org Admin’ filter. The intention is that this will reduce the number of clicks for web app users. Web app users can continue to filter by other user view filters if they wish.C3-3798


01 June  2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.0.16Automatic update
Web app3.0.16Automatic update
Mobile iOS app1.0.4515th June 2022 – Automatic update
Mobile Android app1.6.3 
Middleware3.0.16Automatic update
APIs and Integrations3.0.16 


CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Android Mobile AppWe have updated the Foodiverse Android Charity User Guide which can be found here:  C3-3853
Android Mobile AppWe have updated the Foodiverse Android Donor User Guide which can be found here:  C3-3949
iOS Mobile AppDonor and food bank users of the ios app were not seeing reminders to donate when a donation window was scheduled. This has been resolved. C3-3808; C3-3809
iOS Mobile AppUsers of the iOS app will no longer see a ‘view’ button on their dashboard when they are offered ‘unsuitable’ food donations or when they are being alerted that the donor does not have food to donate for a planned transfer window. C3-3821
iOS Mobile AppiOS mobile app users can now refresh the results on their dashboard to see any new notifications or reminders that might have just been posted to Foodiverse.C3-3823
iOS Mobile AppDonor iOS mobile app users will no longer need to select the branch from which they wish to make a donation, provided that the user signed-in only has permissions to donate on behalf of a single branch.  C3-3825
iOS Mobile AppWe made some language improvements to the iOS mobile app for Czech and Slovak usersC3-3887
iOS Mobile AppiOS mobile app users can now see the address of a donor that has offered them a donation in the ‘Offers History’ section of the app.  C3-3933
iOS Mobile AppFood Bank branches can now accept donations via the iOS Mobile App  C3-3960
BETA AppMobile app users that wish to use the BETA version of the mobile app for testing purposes can now do so as part of the new region selector on the mobile app. This will appear to users downloading the app for the very first time. For more information on how this works, please see this knowledge base article:C3-3661; C3-3662; C3-3659; C3-3658; C3-3836; C3-3858
Donation ManagementTo help with the performance and user experience of the ‘Manage Donations’ page, users will now input their filters and click submit before any data will load and appear to the user.  C3-3869
Donation ManagementWe have made some improvements to how the timestamps appear in the ‘Manage Donations’ page on Foodiverse. For a better understanding of the changes and what each timestamp means, please see this knowledge hub article:  C3-3775
Donation ManagementDonors using the web app can now cancel out of the ‘Create or Edit PLD’ section when creating a donation with PLD. C3-3679
LabelsWe have replaced the label filter with a ‘type and search’ instead of a dropdown as for some organisations, they had over 100 label options which meant they would often struggle to find the label they were looking for.C3-3778
New FeatureDonor’s can now configure the time by which they wish a charity to respond to a donation offer to between 0-90 minutes before the donor’s collection windows end. This time is known as the ‘Accept-By Time’ and is configurable in the Donor Organisation’s settings. It will default to 30 minutes before the donor’s collection windows end for all donors.


See Knowledge Hub article here

Please note: Aspects of this feature are still in development. The ‘accept-by time’ configuration has passed testing for temporary schedules, however, by the next release, it should also be functioning on extended temporary collection windows. By the August release, we hope to improve the mobile app UI for charities and donors so that they are clear about the expected Accept-by Time.

Product Level DetailsThe ‘Create PLD’ API docs have been updated. See here C3-3846
ReportsDonor Organisations can now configure their process success, posting compliance and food offered KPIs to highlight as red, amber or green depending on their own parameters. This can be configured in the Donor Organisation settings and will be reflected in the Donor Branch KPI report.


Instructions on how to configure this can be found here: Please note that this will not be available in Food Net reporting.

 C3-3526; C3-3729; C3-3730
ReportsAs a donor with a donation window ending at 23:59, when I did not post a donation where an active donation window exists, a ‘No posting’ flag was not being not generated which affected KPI reports because ‘No postings’ help to calculate donor compliance in the KPI reports. This has now been resolved, however, please note that ‘No postings’ are generated approximately 5 minutes after an active donation window ends so it is important to be careful when planning active donation too close to midnight. C3-3728
ReportsImpact and KPI report users should now see a ‘totals’ row when they export their reports from Foodiverse.C3-3735
ReportsAn improved filter has been added to the Donor KPI Report so that users can now select which columns they wish to analyse. This will hopefully allow users to better tailor the report to their needs and simplify the data they wish to view. C3-3764
ReportsTo help with the performance and user experience of all Donor and Food Bank reporting, users will now input their filters and click submit before any data will load and appear to the user. C3-3643
ReportsAdditional filters and columns were added to the PLD report available on Metabase to support users in finding the information that they need C3-3761
ReportsDonor KPI Summary Report users can now download the data in the trend graph and the donation funnel based on the selected filters. For more information on how these graphs work, please see this knowledge base article:  C3-3467; C3-3954
Schedule ManagementFood Bank administrators can now extend collection windows to span between 1-7 calendar days. This means that if a food bank is working with a donor who would like their collection window to stretch over a number of days (to a maximum of 1 week), this is now possible. In order to extend a collection window, please edit it and add the number of days by which you would like the window to extend.


Please note: This is not yet available on the temporary schedule but it should be included in the next release.

User ViewWe have changed the ‘View Mode’ filter to be called ‘User View’ and for the dropdown to reflect the Foodiverse user types so that it is more clear what this filter’s function is. For certain pages on Foodiverse, the data will need to be filtered by user type which is why this filter exists.C3-3794

20th April 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

ComponentCurrent VersionChange Notes
Platform (backend)3.0.15Automatic update
Web app3.0.15Automatic update
Mobile iOS app


Mobile Android app




(20/05/2022) Automatic update


No change

Middleware3.0.15Automatic update
APIs and Integrations3.0.15Automatic update, no deprecations


CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
BugDonors using the web app were unable to mark an accepted donation as ‘Transferred’ or ‘Not Transferred’. This has now been resolved.

BugWhere a Charity Organisation has multiple branches, with memberships in different Food Nets, the charity branches were able to see Food Board offers from all of the Food Nets when they should only see Food Board offers from the Food Net they are a member of. This has now been resolved. 

BugSome Foodiverse Food Bank users were unable to see the Offers Table in the ‘Manage Donations’ page. This issue has now been resolved.  

Email ReceiptWhere donors provide a breakdown of the specific products they donated via an integration with Foodiverse, this information was not included in the email receipt shared with donors and charities. This issue has now been resolved so that charities and donors will now see the product breakdown (PLD) in their email receipt.

Multicollector ImprovementImprovements were made so that integrated charities (webhook) will only see Waitlist offers after the offer exclusivity time (typically 30 minutes) has passed. 




Multicollector ImprovementImprovements were made to ensure that waitlist charities will not receive food offers if 1) max collectors has been reached and/or 2) if the primary charity has accepted all of the available food categories. 

Push NotificationsSome charities were receiving the corresponding push notification that was meant for donors app users such as ‘Charity X has accepted your donation’. This issue has now been resolved. 

*New Report*Donor and Food Bank Report users will now have access to a new ‘Donor Organisation KPI Summary’ landing page when they navigate to the ‘ Donor Branch KPI Report’. This landing page summaries Donor KPI trends in accordance with the filter inputs. The original report can be viewed in the second tab labelled ‘Donor Organisation KPI Report’.






ReportsSome improvements were made to the loading time of the reports. We will continue to work to improve the latency issues.

ReportsReporting users can now add a ‘File Description’ when downloading reports in order to make it easier to find and distinguish between reports once they’ve been downloaded. This file description sits alongside the automatically generated file name.

ReportsImprovements have been made to the ‘totals’ table available  as part of the Foodiverse KPI and Impact reports. The figures should now include commas to make them easier to read and they should also wrap within the table cells so that they do not overspill within the Totals table.

ReportsSome improvements were made to the KPI reports to ensure that the columns are less likely to misalign with the first row in the table.

ReportsFood Net Member Viewers and Managers as well as Donor Org Branch Users and Viewers can download the data in the  ‘Impact Bar Chart’ and the ‘Top Performer Chart’ in the ‘Donor Impact Summary Report’ based on the selected filters into a csv file.


ReportsSome KG data discrepancies were found between the Donor Impact Summary page and Donor Impact Detailed Report. These discrepancies have been addressed and resolved.


Web AppSome donor users were experiencing issues with being locked out of their accounts relatively regularly. This issue has now been resolved.

  C3-3719; C3-3722
Web AppUsers in the UK and Ireland may have noticed timing discrepancies in the ‘My Donations’ and ‘Manage Donations’ pages. This was a result of daylight savings time and has now been resolved.


Web AppWhere users were using a ‘search type-ahead’ filter in the Foodiverse web app (such as that found on the ‘Create a Donation’ page), the Chrome browser ‘autofill’ was hiding the results. This has now been resolved.



23 February 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

iOS version 1.0.43 – Android version 1.6.3

CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
New FeatureDonors wishing to confirm the products that they donated to recipients AND for the weight of those products to be reflected in the donation’s impact and impact report to ensure more accurate reporting, can now do so via the categorised product level detail integration. The new ‘actual’ donation data will be visible in the web app to the food net, donors and orgs where an integration exists. If this integration does not exist, the data will appear as ‘estimates’.C3-3409;







C3-3412- C3-3422

BugThe ‘SMS’ icon disappeared from the ‘Manage Donations’ UI for Food Net users. This has now been resolved.  C3-3564
BugIf a donation was rejected by a primary charity, the donation offer was appearing on the waitlist charity’s dashboard but a push notification was not being sent until 30 minutes had lapsed since the offer was made. THis has now been resolved so that charities will receive a push notification as soon as the primary charity rejects the donation.  C3-2838
BugDonor users using the web app to create a donation were experiencing issues with donation transfer windows if they clicked ‘Back’ after inputting the donation quantities. This has now been resolved.  C3-3037
Data DeletionUpdates to our internal processes will better support users that want to delete their personal information from FV, this aligns with new Google Play and Apple Store requirements.C3-3531
ImprovementIn order to improve donor user experience, they will now be able to see which charities are assigned to which transfer windows (Web only).  C3-3605
ImprovementDonors can now notify charities when they have no food available on days where they are not scheduled to post a donation (ie an inactive donation window is in place) C3-3142
ImprovementIn order to improve the charity experience of where a donor offers multiple transfer window options to a charity, charities will now only see transfer window options in the future. Past transfer window options will ‘expire’ once the time has lapsed.  C3-2588
Mobile App (iOS only)On the iOS app, if a charity is sent a ‘No Availability’ notification, they can now click the view option to see which donor notified them.  FCAPP-248
Mobile App (iOS only)Donors using the iOS app will once again be able to input category quantities/figures rather than having to click the +/- buttons.  FCAPP-301
Mobile App (iOS only)From now on, it will be clearer to donors using the iOS app when a charity has marked a donation as transferred before they have had the chance to do so.  FCAPP-289
Mobile App (iOS only)From now on, primary and waitlist charities using the iOS app will be updated if a donation is accepted by a charity via the foodboard  FCAPP-280
Mobile App (iOS only)From now on, donations on the iOS app that have been marked as transferred will appear as ‘transferred’ instead of ‘collected’ in order to account for the scenario where a donation may have been delivered. FCAPP-282
Mobile App (iOS only)On the iOS app, we’ve improved the appearance of the ‘donation statuses’ and the page titles so that they are easier to read in other languages and on smaller screens. . FCAPP-271FCAPP-272
Multicollector ImprovementIn order to improve the charity user experience where multiple collectors can pick-up food, charity users will only be shown the collection windows that they are scheduled for as a default.  C3-3217



UI SimplificationAs part of the on-going UI simplification project, the Donations Menu Option under Manage Network Members has been removed.   
ReportsIn order to improve the performance of the Donor Impact Report, report users will now input their filters and click submit before tables and data will populate. C3-3538;



ReportsIn order to improve the visualisation of data, a new donor impact summary page has been added to the Impact Report. C3-3435







Temporary Calendar and Temporary SchedulesAll users will now see where a temporary calendar entry is in place on the web app on the new schedules widget on the top right hand side of the dashboard. Temporary schedules are also easier to edit and view in the UI in the ‘Manage Temp. Cal Schedules’ section for Food Nets and the ‘ and easier to view in the ‘Schedules’ section for Donors and Charities.C3-3442








Testing ImprovementAs the platform grows and develops, we are working in the background to improve our automated testing.C3-3514
Web AppBased on feedback from users, we have replaced the term ‘Tag’ with the term ‘Label’ across the web apps front-end to improve the platform’s intuitiveness for users.C3-3281

20 January 2022 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

CategoryUpdateDonorCharityFood NetReference
New FeatureDonors wishing to input and save product level detail into the web app so that they can associate their products with future donations (across different browsers) can now do so as a result of the new Product Database.C3-3411




MiddlewareDonors using the middleware were experiencing issues when posting donations into inactive donation windows. This is now resolved.  C3-3437
Mobile App (Android only)Donors, using the app on an android device, who posted a ‘No Availability’ offer were seeing a ‘view’ link after posting this offer which would lead them to a blank screen. This ‘view’ link has now been removed.  C3-2814
Mobile App (Android only)Donors, using the android app, who marked a donation as transferred after another user or charity had marked it transferred were receiving an error message. This has now been resolved so that donors should see the following message: Sorry, this action is not available. Someone may have already marked this offer transferred  C3-3273
Mobile App (iOS only)Donors, using the app on an iOS device, posting an unplanned donation were not being offered a future ‘transfer’ window to select and so had to create a custom transfer window. This has now been resolved so that when an unplanned donation is being posted, a selection of future transfer windows appear to the donor to select from.  FCAPP-283
Mobile App (iOS only)Donors, using the app on an iOS device, were experiencing issues posting food as they had to input food categories twice in order to be able to post successfully. This issue has now been resolved.  FCAPP-287
ReportsIn the Daily Compliance report, the calculation for posted donations was actually showing the number of offers made (one donation can be offered to multiple recipients). This has now been rectified. C3-3195
ReportsFood Net and Donor Report users will now see a new ‘totals’ feature on the Impact and KPI reports C3-3430



ReportsAs per user requests, we have updated training material on how to interpret the donor KPI report. These can be accessed here on our Knowledge Hub. C3-2810
Temporary Calendar and Temporary SchedulesWe have made a number of UI improvements to the donor temporary calendar feature to ensure that bulk changes are easier to review and that individual dates can be edited after applying bulk changes.  C3-3316- 3321








TranslationsAdditional translations into Czech and Slovak have been made to the web app, android app and the site terms & conditionsC3-3118 C3-2555 C3-2677






Web AppIn the country dropdown on the Foodiverse registration page and the ‘manage organisation’ page, the countries will now appear in alphabetical order making it easier to choose from.C3-3153
Web AppThe UK was not appearing in the country dropdown on the oodiverse registration page and the ‘manage organisation’ page. This has now been resolved.C3-3399
Web AppDonor Admin users using the ‘My Memberships’ page will now be able to filter by membership status.  C3-2950

01 December 2021 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse.

CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
New FeatureFood Net Admins can now update donor schedules temporarily to reflect temporary changes to donor schedules. This will benefit donors who wish to update their schedules over the holiday period.C3-3177- C3-3189; C3-3240
Donation StatusBased on charity feedback, we now no longer show offers with the ‘Accepted By Other’ status on the Offers History page. C3-2841
Food Net MembershipsWe have upgraded the performance of the membership page so that the data loads more quickly. This is also relevant for customers with integrations.  C3-2845
Mobile AppThe Donation details page titles  on the iOS and Android apps will now distinguish when the details are referring to a ‘Live’ donation (a donation that is currently available to accept) and a ‘Previous’ donation (a donation that was accepted in the past). FCAPP-240



Mobile App (Android only)Further improvements have been made to the android app Czech and Slovakian translations.C3-3066



Mobile App (iOS only)iOS users will see changes to the options shown to them when they choose to mark a donation as ‘Not Transferred’. This change was made to align the iOS app with the android app. FCAPP-273
Mobile App (iOS only)iOS app Charity Users will now see the relevant branch name when viewing the Waitlist Offers page. This change was made to align the iOS app with the android app. FCAPP-251
Mobile App (iOS only)iOS Donor users were not getting reminders to post donations when a schedule is in place. This has been fixed.  FCAPP-261
Mobile App (iOS only)iOS Charity users were being brought to the incorrect screen when they received a push notification about a donation from a donor. This has been fixed for Primary scheduled charities. This will be fixed for Waitlist scheduled charities in a subsequent release. FCAPP-230
Mobile App (iOS only)We have updated our platform to allow iOS app users to logout of the app without experiencing issues.C3-3164
Mobile App (iOS only)iOS Donor users were unable to see their food classification allowances when adding food categories to a donation. This has now been fixed. FCAPP-206
ReportsSome iterative performance improvements have been made to help speed up the time it takes to export Foodiverse reports. Further performance improvements will be made in subsequent releases. C3-3207
SchedulesDonor branches that have moved to a different network may have experienced issues viewing their schedules. This is now resolved.  C3-3222
Web AppOn the web app, the ‘Offered at’ Timestamp for Waitlist charities will now be clearer as it will only include a timestamp if the offer was offered to the waitlist before the primary charity has accepted it.C3-2841
Web AppDonors who are admin for multiple donor branches and who are using the web app to donate food will now have the ability to type the name of their branch in the ‘Create Donation’ modal as a quicker search solution. C3-2993

03 November 2021 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse. For each change, the check marks which user types are affected.

CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Bug / High PrioritySince our last release, many donor and charity users were experiencing issues with logging into the app. This issue has now been resolved. C3-3140
Bug / High PriorityCharities will no longer see offers that were accepted by other charities in their ‘Offers History’  C3-2903
Bug / High PriorityThe ‘Impact’ data on the web app dashboard was overcounting where multiple offers to charities had taken place. This is now fixed.C3-3148
Bug / NotificationsLinks to the Foodiverse app within email notifications have been updated to show the correct corresponding web/app page C3-3054
Bug / Notifications‘Please post’ reminders were continuing to display to donors with inactive donation windows. This issue has now been resolved.  C3-3146



Bug / ReportsUsers who use the Product Logs report on the web app were unable to click the magnifying glass icon to be brought to the original donation reference. This issue has now been resolved. C3-3030
Bug / Web AppThe accept by time was not displaying on the ‘Selected for You’ section of the web app. This has been fixed. C3-3138
Bug / Web AppDonors who tried to enter product level detail and then changed their mind were unable to progress their donation. This has now been fixed.  C3-3069
Bug / Web AppThe web app login page will no longer need to be refreshed upon loginC3-2664
Mobile App


(iOS only)

We conducted a comparison of the iOS and Android apps and found that the ios required some development in order to align with the Android app. iOS users will now experience an app that is more aligned with that of the Android app.



FCAPP-260, FCAPP-252-254, FCAPP-249, FCAPP-245-247, FCAPP-239-243, FCAPP-236 , FCAPP-235, FCAPP-233, FCAPP-224-229, FCAPP-222, FCAPP-221, FCAPP-218, FCAPP-199

 See update column.
Mobile AppThe apps are now available in Slovakian and Czech languages. Language settings can be updated in the settings section of the mobile app. C3-2681





Mobile AppCharity users may see the new status ‘voided’ in their Offers History. This occurs where a request has been made to remove a donation offer in the case of duplication or error.  FCAPP-205
Mobile App‘No Availability’ and ‘Unsuitable’ notifications will now appear in the ‘Pending Actions’ section of the app dashboard as well as in ‘Offers History’ page.  C3-3049




ReportsUsers who use the Foodiverse reports will now see a link to a reporting glossary so that they can look up the definitions for specific data columns and KPIs C3-2182
ReportsUsers have requested that donations migrated from the old app to the new app which are visible in ‘Offers History’ and ‘My Donations’ reflect the correct date. This work has been completed.C3-2215
Reports‘Unsuitable’ and ‘No Availability’ responses were not being recorded as part of KPI reporting for charities. This has now been resolved.  C3-2749
SecurityMobile app users will no longer have to log in every 7 days, they will have to log in every 90 daysC3-3012
TestingThe Foodiverse engineering team have been making improvements to the testing that takes place before deployments. As the Foodiverse platform grows, more and more testing is required so this automated testing improvements will help to make testing even more reliable and efficient.C3-1417





Web AppThe Foodiverse Registration page has been improved to make it more explicit which phone number will receive SMS updatesC3-2355
Web AppIn ‘Manage Donations’, the accept by time will now show the exact time and date by which the donation should be accepted by. This was replaced by the number of hours and minutes left.  C3-2874

06 October 2021 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse. For each change, the check marks which user types are affected.

CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net Reference
Donation Receipt EmailBased on the introduction of additional food safety law in the UK, we introduced some additional features to cater for allergen information which can be provided by the donor and sent to the charities in the donation receipt email C3-2969
Donation Receipt EmailThe donation receipt email has been updated with additional information such as donor name, collection times etc for further traceability and transparency  C3-3071
Donation Receipt EmailThe donation receipt email is now sent to the donor’s branch admins as well as charity’s branch admins.  C3-3071
ReportingBased on the new Voided donation status, we updated our KPI reports to exclude any Voided donations from the donation-related KPI columns for more accurate representation of KPI data. C3-3068
Bug / Product Data EntryUsers adding Product Level Detail at the start of the donation process were unable to alter the existing product records. This has now been resolved  C3-3094
Bug / Product Data EntryUsers who logged out had to re-enter their list of product records which could be used for adding products to a donation. This has now been resolved.  C3-3065
Bug / Donation ReminderDonors who had inactive donation windows had NoPost records generated when they did not post for that window. This was unintended and is now resolved.  C3-3110


22 Sept 2021 – Product Update

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse. For each change, the check marks which user types are affected.

CategoryUpdateDonor Charity Food Net 
New FeatureFood Net Managers will now be able to mark donations windows ‘active’ when they should be tracked in KPI reports. They will also be able to mark donations as ‘inactive’ to flag that the donation window is available for recruitment but should not be marked active until a primary or waitlist charity (depending on the established organisation preference or configuration) is recruited to a corresponding transfer window. 
New Feature *BetaFood Net Managers can now mark donations as ‘void’ when it is established that a donor posted multiple times by mistake. This will ensure that these donations are then discounted from Impact Reporting for Food Nets, Charities and Donors.
New Feature *BetaDonor users of the web app will now be able to input product level detail whilst they post a donation.  
Web AppUsers registering on the Foodiverse web app will now be able to choose their language settings. For the time being, English is the only language available.
Web / Mobile AppsFor security purposes, users logging into the Foodiverse web or mobile app will now be asked to reset their password after 5 failed attempts to log in. This new security requirement will help to protect user data.
Mobile AppsThe mobile apps are now integrated with FoodCloud’s status page so that the technology team can communicate to app users if there are any updates or issues users should be aware of. Status page updates will appear as an orange alert on the app.
Mobile AppsCharity mobile app users will notice a change in language on the Foodiverse App Dashboard as follows:
Selected for you → Waitlist Offers
Foodbank Network →  Network FoodBoard Offers
Public FoodBoard → Other FoodBoard Offers
Mobile Apps (Android Only)Android charity app users will notice a change to language on their app. ‘Time left’ will now appear as ‘Accept By’ so that it will now be clearer to charities by which date and time they need to accept the donation before it expires.  
Mobile Apps (Android Only)Android app users will now be able to view their personal and branch details in the ‘My Profile’ section. 
Mobile Apps (Android Only)When creating a custom or ad-hoc transfer window, android donor mobile app users can now type the name of a charity into a search box in order to find a specific charity that they wish to donate to.  
Mobile Apps (Android Only)From now on, the android app will only be supported on devices with the Android 5.0 version of the operating system or higher installed. 
Mobile Apps (iOS Only)iOS mobile app users may have experienced difficulties accepting donations when they configured their zoom settings to 2.5x or to 3.0x the screen size. This has now been resolved.
iOS mobile app users may continue to experience difficulties if their type/lettering is enlarged. We are continuing to work on resolving this issue.
SMSFor SMS users, the number they see in the donation text message in order for them to respond (e.g. Y[number] and N[number]) will now reset to 1 on a nightly basis provided they have accepted all current offers.  
Integration Bug FixSome donors, whose in-store devices are integrated with the Foodiverse system, were experiencing a bug where charity chilled permissions were not translating from Foodiverse’s system to their device. This update will resolve this issue. 
*Beta – This is a prototype feature and will require further development.

Foodiverse Product Update: 25 Aug 2021

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse. For each change, the check marks which user types are affected.





Food Net


It was discovered that donors were permitted to donate food from categories with classifications they weren’t approved for. This was prioritised due to food safety implications and is now fixed.



Filtering bug fixed: You can now filter donation data by end state and it works properly. It no longer defaults to Quarantined. We have also included the day of the week beside each donation date, to give more context to the date.


Mobile Apps

We prepared a translation file so that the Android app can be translated into new languages.



One retailer wanted to add “Chilled” food category as one of their default options at the integration level. This is completed.



We investigated and built improvements to suppport stability and performance in the Middleware. We delpoyed multiple patches to the Middleware release containing these improvements.



We completed a technical guide on how to post donations in bulk to enable partners and internal users.



Bug fix: We turned on donation reminders for charities who have selected to receive them.




Due to small a configuration error, SMS was temporarily broken. This is now fixed.




Configuration: We set up Metabase (program that allows us to search for and view platform insights) on Azure in our UAT and QA Environments.


Foodiverse Product Update: 22 June 2021

Important update to the Foodiverse Platform

Foodiverse User Logins

We are making an important update to the platform. This will cause all users to be logged out after tonight’s donations. Please log back in tomorrow morning to continue with donations as usual.

We are upgrading our user authentication system to improve the reliability of the platform. Thank you for understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Foodiverse Product Update: 2 June 2021

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse

Foodiverse Web App

  • Donors posting donations from the web app are now prompted to post an unplanned donation if they do not have an expected donation window on their schedule that day.
  • In the web app, the “Received” status should not be visible to platform users. This was a bug that was confusing to some platform users. We removed the “action” pop-up dialog that sometimes asked users to mark a donation as “Received.” This status relates to when a posted donation is received by the platform, not when the food offer is physically received by the charity.
  • The “Contact Us” link on the Foodiverse web app now leads to the contact page in the Knowledge Hub, rather than directly creating a Partner Support email which is a tech support inbox that is being decommissioned. Information on how the platform works and who to contact if you require support can be found on the Knowledge Hub or at
  • The Donation reference ID was not appearing on the Food Board for all users, even though there was a space for it. This reference ID is now visible.
  • Timestamps on each donation in the Manage Donations or My Donations sections of the web app now show more information about each offer, such as the time at which it was offered, accepted or rejected. This will help diagnose issues charities may be having by giving the viewer a clearer picture of where a given donation ended up.

Mobile Apps

  • If a donor creates a donation, but there is no available donation window, the app will now default to “Unplanned.” Expected donation windows should only be configured in the web app and, thus,  reflected in the mobile app where a primary charity or waitist charity is ‘scheduled’ so that KPI reporting can be as accurate as possible.
  • If a user attempts to log in with invalid credentials, we now present them with a clear error message stating that either the username or password they entered was incorrect.
  • In “My Donations” on the Android app, the user will see the previous 7 days of their donation windows as a default. This can be adjusted by the user with date pickers.
  • We carried out performance and stability improvements on the Android app.


  • If a charity who accepted a donor’s offer was not approved to receive all the categories in that donation, the impact report figures still reflected the weight of the entire donation (including the segment that was not suitable for them). This is now fixed to reflect only the parts of the donation that were actually accepted.
  • In this release, we are launching the MVP of our new Data Export feature. In the first iteration, this new feature allows Foodiverse reporting users to select a date range and some filters on the Donor Branch KPI report,, then download the results. When a download is started, the user will see a popup dialog informing them that the download is in progress. When complete, they will receive an email which will link them to a “My Files” section in their profile. From there, they can download their selected report as a CSV file. This feature will be available on all reports soon and we encourage all users to get familiar with this format by testing this feature.
  • The Charity compliance report was missing the “Expected Accepted” column, which tells you how many times they accepted offers on days when they expected to receive them. This is now present.
  • The column “No Availability Rate” was mislabelled in the KPI report. This is now fixed.
  • We added timing compliance KPIs to the Donor Branch KPI and Donor Org KPI reports.
  • We did data cleansing tasks weekly to ensure that “unplanned” donation windows were not showing as Expected donations. Going forward, where there is no primary charity expecting a donation, the donation will not be marked as Expected. It will only show up in Total Donations in the reports.
  • We fixed a bug where percentage KPIs were showing as zeroes on the FoodBank Network Organisation Compliance Report.
  • We fixed a calculation error in the Donor Branch KPI report.
  • We fixed an issue with the date filters on all Foodiverse Reports. The filters will now return data from the full selected date range..
  • We’ve implemented “view mode” in the KPI reports to allow the display of rates or total numbers. The option to switch between view modes improves readability and relevance of the report.


  • We fixed a bug that prevented a donor from selecting a transfer (formerly collection) window that had already started.
  • We’ve made changes to the API that returns available donation windows to the Mobile and Web apps in an improved order. These updates ensure that the user is presented with the most likely donation window as a default. If a donor creates a donation, but there is no available donation window, the donation will now default to “Unplanned.” These backend changes will help with reporting accuracy, as donors will not be RAG’d on an offer unless an expected (formerly scheduled) donation window exists.
  • We’ve updated the Manage Donations API endpoint to include the charity UUID in the response. This helps API users to identify which charities were offered a given donation.
  • When a “No Posting” was recorded in a donation window, the window was considered to be “used.” We’ve adjusted this so that a donor can use the most recent donation window to create a donation, even if a “No Posting” has already been recorded for that window.


  • We’ve made performance and stability improvements to the Foodiverse jobs container and EU Production Kubernetes cluster.

Foodiverse Product Update: 28 April 2021

Here’s what’s new in Foodiverse 3.0.0

Foodiverse Web App

  • We fixed a bug in “advanced” integration settings. Now, when you subscribe to receive a webhook about an event, you will be able to see that your changes have been saved.
  • For organisation admins managing a user on the Foodiverse web app , the “Resend Activation Email” button was broken. This button now triggers an activation email to the user as expected.
  • When viewing donation details, some category items appeared to be listed twice. This is now fixed.
  • Charities are now able to search for a specific offer within their Offers History page.

Mobile Apps

  • In the Android app, some donation details were appearing without the correct category labels. This mismatch is now fixed.
  • We fixed a bug on the mobile app where the Impact page wasn’t loading the impact figures for individual branches.


  • We fixed an error in the email that lets a donor know when it’s time to post. The email now arrives on time, with the correct posting time.
  • We reduced the number of emails we were sending to charities about their donations. The volume of emails we were sending was causing delays in donation processing.
  • We were sending SMS notifications to charities on the waitlist, when these notifications should only be sent via the app. This caused confusion and is now reversed so that only Primary charity branches receive the SMS.
  • SMS messages to Primary charity branches will now read as follows:

8kgs available from Example Donor for collection on 22 April, 16:00-17:00. Text back Y1 to accept or N1 to reject. For more info about offer, download the Foodiverse app here: 

  • On the web app, charity org admin’s can now update their charity branch SMS and Push notification settings by choosing from the following options:
    • i) ALWAYS send me SMS
    • ii) Send me SMS ONLY when I’m not logged in with a smartphone (DEFAULT)
    • iii) NEVER send me SMS


  • We adjusted calculations in the Charity Branch KPI report so that the figures reported will now be more accurate.
  • In the Donor KPI report, the search bar was broken, and it was not possible to search and filter at the same time. Both issues are now fixed.
  • Due to how Foodiverse now collects data, KPIs are calculated somewhat differently to before. For more information, please check out our Knowledge Hub article on the new KPI Report. There will be further updates on KPI reporting in future releases.
  • We reviewed requirements and designed an implementation plan for the “Export to CSV” function for in-app reporting. This feature will be developed and refined over the course of the next few sprints.
  • A review of all Foodiverse in-app reporting was conducted to ensure all reporting calculations were as expected.
  • For donors with a donation schedule, the ‘Create a Donation’ notification will stay on their Donor Dashboard, ‘Your To Do List,’ for 60 minutes prior to the start of the window, and for 60 minutes after the window ends.
  • ‘No Posting’ notifications will also appear under My Donations on the Donor account at the end of the Posting window, if the Donor Branch has not donated. ‘No Posting’ notifications are required in order to calculate compliance in in-app reporting.


  • For retail partners using an integration with our “PLD” API, product level detail will now be sent automatically with donations that are posted via that integration.
  • We investigated and improved the way we record a “No Posting” status for expected donations.
  • We fixed an issue with historic donations (dated on or before 21 March 2021). Some of the donations that were migrated from the old system into Foodiverse were showing the incorrect food classification (Ambient, Chill, Frozen, Hot). This is no longer an issue.
  • When a charity belonged to two Food Networks, the admins from both networks were able to see full details about the charity’s schedule. We now include placeholder text to show WHEN a charity has a slot in another network, but not WHO will be donating to them during that slot.
  • We fixed a food classification issue for charities who wished to update their food classification preferences (Ambient, Chilled, Frozen, Hot) in their Organisation settings. Their updates were not persisting across all platform functions. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Charities were seeing the same donation multiple times on pending actions and in their “offers” table. This is now corrected.
  • Webhooks were being sent twice or multiple times, causing delays and undue strain on the processing of donations. This is now fixed.
  • We have extended the expiration time of the “activation link” sent to newly registered users. The activation link will now last 48 hours instead of 60 minutes, so new users will have more time to activate their accounts after registration.
  • We fixed a bug where some food categories, such as cereal, were being labelled with the wrong food classification. All categories are now updated to reflect their proper classifications.


  • Due to the start of daylight savings time, we adjusted the hours at which the cache updates throughout the day, to ensure that data refreshes don’t interfere with peak donation times.
  • Foodiverse uses Microsoft Azure hosting services. In line with recommended best practices, the tech team continually reviews and iterates on this configuration to ensure the highest level of security, stability, and performance.
  • Copia is hosted on Heroku. Heroku informed us of an update to their system which meant we needed to manage our Copia configuration to ensure that users of Copia continued to be able to send PLD.